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Agricultural supply chains are broken. We recognized it, called it out and pledged $1 billion over the next several years to identify and execute solutions.

That was the premise and the promise of the Sustainable in a Generation Plan we launched last September. Now, as we mark our One Year On anniversary, it’s time to review our early pockets of progress, celebrate successes, be open about challenges and re-energize for the decades of sustainability work ahead.

This week, we released our first annual Sustainable in a Generation Plan report. In its pages, we take a hard look at what we’ve done to lay out plans and start this generational journey toward tackling critical challenges, from poverty to food insecurity to climate change and well beyond. 

Early indicators of progress for each pillar of the plan—Healthy Planet, Thriving People, Nourishing Wellbeing—say we’re moving in the right direction:

  • We now have nine countries where we source only renewable electricity for our direct operations.
  • We’ve greatly accelerated our raw materials programs. Example: through our support of  Basmati rice farmers in Pakistan, we’ve seen a 30 percent reduction in water use, 32 percent increase in farmer incomes and cost reduction for our business.
  • We’ve reached 99 percent palm oil traceability to mill level (the first processing stage), which allows us to evaluate risks of deforestation or human rights issues.
  • We delivered 400 million healthy meals (up from 59 million in 2016) against the goal of 1 billion by 2021.

But statistics don’t paint the entire picture. In some areas, we’ve not moved the needle significantly, but we have made meaningful progress by reorganizing our business, developing the right sourcing strategies, aligning with external partners and kicking off key projects.

For example, we’d already mapped our supply chains and identified the 10 raw materials at the crux of the vast majority of our social and environmental challenges. Last September, we laid out our ambitious, bold agenda with specific science-based goals (the SIG Plan). Since then, we’ve begun developing sourcing strategies we believe hold promise for breaking through endemic challenges like greenhouse gas emissions, water stress, land-use, human rights and income issues. And we’ve been cementing collaborations across the industry to put even more power behind our progress.

We have a compelling sustainability story to tell and momentum is building. We hope you’ll take a moment to explore the full Sustainable in a Generation report—and continue to follow us along our journey! #GenerationForChange