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Mars Announces Wrigley St. Petersburg Investment at SPIEF 2016


At Mars, deepening ties to the communities where we live and work is a priority. Recently, we joined members of our Russian community, and more than 12,000 leaders from all over the globe at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) to discuss key global economic and business topics, and also to promote Mars’ commitment to the city.

Much like the city itself, Mars has deep history in St. Petersburg. Home to Russia’s only Wrigley plant, the city has partnered with us since 1999. To reinforce and grow our local partnership in St. Petersburg, Mars announced a 600-million rubles (approx. USD 9 million) investment with the city of St. Petersburg at SPIEF 2016, in order to boost local production and increase export potential.

This new agreement signals another milestone for Mars’ presence in Russia. Through this partnership Wrigley will modernize their facilities to increase Juicy Fruit production, implement sustainability projects to build on global efforts to reduce our environmental impact, and allow Mars to add new Associates to our team. For St. Petersburg, these advances mean an influx of new, well-paying jobs and a boost to the local food industry.

"The significance and topicality of the signed Agreement relies on Wrigley's long-term investments into the local production and an increase of its export potential. In addition, we plan to implement a number of educational initiatives connected with the topics of oral health and the environment within the broader St Petersburg community. We are grateful to the St. Petersburg executive bodies, and to the city's Investment Committee for their readiness to provide us with complex support during the implementation of the project,” said Andris Salminsh, Wrigley Russia Supply Director.

At the event, Wrigley also launched a locally developed special edition of Juicy Fruit gum. Across the globe, we are thrilled to continue building strategic relationships with local communities, especially those that spur economic development and promote sustainability.