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Mars and Lindau Fueling Scientific Collaboration


Scientists have an essential role in finding solutions to critical challenges faced by society on a range of issues from food, agriculture and health to energy, climate change and poverty. This is why, for the past 10 years, Mars has partnered with the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings to bring together leading researchers from around the world to discuss cutting-edge research and explore solutions to these challenges. This year, we announced a 10-year extension to our long-standing relationship with Lindau.

“If we want to continue thriving as a business and as a society, we must collaborate across disciplines and sectors to solve the grand challenges that will define our future,” said Pamela Mars, Chair of Mars' Technology Committee and Member of the Honorary Senate of the Lindau Foundation.

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings are an ideal platform to inspire young scientists to collaborate. Since they began, the conference has connected over 350 Nobel laureates and tens of thousands of the best science undergraduates, PhD students, and post-doc researchers from around the world — from a variety of different fields of study.

Being a partner of the Lindau meetings gives Mars the opportunity to convene events for the researchers to discuss important societal questions. During this year’s meeting, which took place in June and July in Lindau, Germany, we hosted an interactive panel session for over 100 of the scientists attending the conference to ask, “Why does soft matter matter?” Former US secretary of energy and Nobel laureate in physics Steven Chu, noted Los Alamos National Laboratory materials scientist Antonio Redondo and postdoctoral researcher Adriana Marais from the University of KwaZulu-Natal discussed the study of “squishy” materials and the massive impact their study could have on areas like sustainability, health and medical care.

At another event, the Mars Science Dinner, we gathered with 130 researchers and two of our partners, IBM and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, to discuss big data. Jeffrey Welser, Lab Director at IBM Research – Almaden, and Lawrence Livermore’s Benjamin Santer explored the use of big data in climate science, medicine and food safety and, more broadly, how big data will contribute to the future of science and society.

We are excited about continuing to help achieve Lindau’s “educate, inspire, connect” mission in the years to come and bringing the message of scientific dialogue and collaboration to an even larger audience!

Scientific collaboration across disciplines and sectors is a key part of Mars’ own science and innovation activities, for more information see: