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Product Transportation



Connecting people to the products they love is a big part of what we do. But transporting those goods from factories to stores unfortunately contributes to our greenhouse gas emissions and impacts local air quality.

Because we use other companies to transport our products, we don't have total control over our indirect emissions. However, we're including transportation directly related to our operations in our Sustainable in a Generation targets.

Cutting down these emissions helps our business, our communities and the world. The less fuel we use, the more money we save and the less damage we do to the environment.


We’re dedicated to helping everyone involved in our business become more sustainable. We work with the businesses that transport our goods to share best practices and reduce transportation-related emissions. We also help customers to understand that the way they place their orders can have a big impact on the environment.

Our Western European teams use GREEN ORDER™ — an innovative tool we helped develop — to raise awareness of sustainable transport among customers. To do so, we print the total emissions from each delivery with the package and keep a scorecard of the impact of each customer's overall orders.

By using new technologies like on-board computing and old strategies like driver training, we’re encouraging all of our transportation contractors to improve fuel efficiency. To make sure they’re living up to The Five Principles and sustainability initiatives, we examine their progress toward our goals when we renegotiate these contracts every year.

Teaming up for more efficiency makes sense — even outside our own business. In France, for example, our Chocolate, Food and Petcare segments previously delivered 3,600 truckloads of our products each year, while another business with similar deliveries had 1,700 truckloads. By teaming up and sharing trucks, we collectively put 800 fewer trucks on the road, saving around 300 tons carbon dioxide equivalent per year.


A sustainable future means getting better and better every day. We hold our businesses and partners to continuous improvement programs that increase the efficiency of our transport network, cut costs and work toward our 2040 emissions reduction goal. Every business unit at Mars is developing three-to-five-year plans to meet our goals and make sure we’re doing the best we can along the way.

The first step toward fewer emissions is bringing people closer together. By carefully planning our network, we can reduce the distance between suppliers, factories and customer warehouses — saving fuel and money while cutting down our emissions. In addition, we are always mindful of how much inventory we have. Reducing the storage space we need at any given time saves energy and costs.

Beyond our own operations, we encourage our transportation partners to:

  • Make fewer journeys by fully loading our trucks and containers
  • Waste less fuel by training their staff to drive more efficiently and use new vehicles that allow pallets to be double-stacked

Finally, our eyes are always on the horizon for new technologies like hybrid electric engines and biofuels that can help us help the environment of the future.

Mars has created a more efficient delivery network with the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while our products are being delivered.