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The Petcare Academy



Together, Mars Associates want to build A Better World for Pets®. With Mars University, we established the Petcare Academy — a global program to raise product awareness and stewardship, while creating targeted learning experiences between our products, services and pets.

This program has increased our Associates’ passion for Petcare. We think their pride in our brands and their ability to champion our products and services with customers has grown tremendously, but we’re still working. Our challenge is to invite 80 percent of all new Associates who join Mars Petcare to participate in a workshop within their first year of joining the team.

Mars University, our collection of online and in-person training resources, provides best-in-class curricula and learning opportunities that are relevant and meaningful and serve real-time business needs. This is the role of our Customized Learning team, a small global group within Mars University whose members provide tailored solutions to meet the emerging strategic needs of our business.

The Petcare Academy is just one great example of how Mars University acts as a strategic partner to our business, providing meaningful learning opportunities that support our growth.

As part of Mars University, Associates established the Petcare Academy to help raise awareness of the Mars Petcare initiatives among our Petcare Associates.