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Elevating Chocolate

Elevating the Chocolate Scene

Satisfying Chocolate Lovers With Healthier Options

The world of chocolate is changing. Many people are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth while still being good to the rest of their body. With its initial launch of KUDOS® Milk Chocolate Granola Bars in 1986, Mars Chocolate began its exploration into healthier snacking options for chocolate lovers. The KUDOS Brand has since been discontinued to make way for goodnessknows® Snack Squares and other treats with quality ingredients and some health benefits.

Before its nationwide launch in 2015, the goodnessknows® Brand conducted a 4-year, 4-city tour to test and promote their tasty snack bars in the Seattle, Portland, Denver and Dallas areas. Boasting real fruit, quality dark chocolate and whole nuts in bite-sized portions, goodnessknows® Snack Squares have quickly become a hit with those looking to enjoy a healthier, satisfying snack. In fact, you can buy these snack bars online and in many stores in the U.S.

With 150 calories, people love that goodnessknows® Snack Squares have no GMOs, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. While many enjoy what’s not in these snack bars, Mars Chocolate fans also enjoy what is: real dark chocolate.

The dark chocolate experience of the goodnessknows® Brand begins with hand-selected cocoa beans, gently handled using our patented approach to retain more of the naturally occurring phytonutrients in cocoa — the cocoa flavanols — the real goodness of cocoa in every bite. Flavanols are phytonutrients found in ingredients, such as apples, cherries, grapes, teas and chocolate — but cocoa has a unique mixture of flavanols, the exact combination of which can’t be found in any other food in nature. Mars, Incorporated is a pioneer and leader in cocoa flavanols research. With more than 80 patents and the only company to offer Cocoapro®, we know cocoa flavanols like no other.

As a result of our expertise, the goodnessknows® Brand isn’t the only Mars Chocolate brand that’s proud of their craft and focus on cocoa flavanols. DOVE® Chocolate has turned making the most delicious, silky smooth dark chocolate into an obsession. Every stage of their cocoa production is done by hand. In fact, their attention to detail has resulted in their Pleasure With a Purpose mantra. Explore their entire process on the DOVE Chocolate Journey website.

It’s with these products, programs and research efforts that Mars Chocolate is not only bringing you a better quality dark chocolate, but also is expanding and improving its lineup to give you more wholesome snacking and treat options.

For more than five years, Mars Chocolate has been reformulating its products to make them less calorific. Don’t worry; they cut unhealthy ingredients, but not their deliciousness!