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Associates at Mars Austria wanted to do something different for their annual “All Service & Finance Day,” putting our Principles in Action mission firmly at the heart of their idea.

Homelessness and joblessness are cycles that need to be broken. That’s why Mars Austria joined forces with the Pannonische Tafel (PT), a local nonprofit that provides food and accommodations to homeless and jobless people trying to reintegrate back into mainstream society.

The group of volunteers started the day in Eisenstadt, where Laura Weichselbaumer, the Mars Austria CFO, talked about the importance of Principles in Action at Mars. Andrea Roschek, Director of the Pannonische Tafel, also welcomed the Mars Associates and gave the group insight into their operations, their organizational structure and an overview of tasks for the busy day ahead.

Whether it was organizing the handicraft and games corner or painting and creating posters, all of our Associates put their unique skills to work. One group even spent their time clearing the area around the hostel, collecting 650 kg (1,433 pounds) of waste. Still others cooked and cleaned inside.

This day was a great opportunity for Mars Associates to help others while growing together as a team — many of our Associates couldn’t wait to team up again to make a positive impact in their community.

Associates at Mars Austria spent a day helping the homeless and jobless in their community through education and the refurbishment of their facility.