Diversity: the spark for creativity

Diversity: the spark for creativity

Did you know that women make decisions on 80-85% of household purchases yet still only make up 16% of senior executives?*

Innovation, strategy and growth needs a spark, and that comes from bringing together different ways of thinking. At Mars, we believe that diversity is the key to creativity.

That’s why, we’re proud to be investing and developing tailored training programmes and tools to empower our Associates in global and local teams.

One great example is our UK Petcare Women In Sales Leadership programme. Designed to provide a valuable opportunity for personal growth, the initiative focuses on providing role models, mentors, and bringing Associates together to build strong community.

We know this programme works. Associates who took part told us they loved to ‘learn from each other as the relationships within the group get stronger and stronger’. And we saw the effect this confidence had – 50% who participated in 2014 were promoted within 6 months of completing the programme.

For 2016, we’ve made a few changes to make the programme even better by focussing on 3 key areas:

1. Promoting personal development - Through bespoke courses including resilience and confidence

2. Creating a strong network and inspiration for growth - With our mentoring circles and Lean in lunches

3. Flexible and agile working - By understanding our Associates’ needs for flexibility and how we can use technology to empower this

We’ll be sharing more stories about our WISL programme with you over the coming months, from our two sales Associates leading the programme, their HR co-pilot and the Associates who are taking part.

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*Source: LEAD (Leading Executives Advancing Diversity) “Diversity Drives Innovation” conference, October 2016 center:news:news list