Principles in Action

Our Principles in Action

Mars as a company has been guided for generations by the objective: "The manufacture and distribution of food products in such manner as to promote a mutuality of actions and benefits to all stakeholders." This is what Forrest E. Mars, Sr. first formulated in 1947, and it continues to be the purpose for our responsibility as a business in adding value to the people and planet through our performance. This basis remains embedded in our Five Principles, the guiding force in our business for generations.

In this section of our website, we would like to give you an overview about Mars as a company, our approach to business and our beliefs about sustainability. In addition, we want to explain which goals and targets we have set for the future, and the progress already made in important areas. For us, the four areas of most significance that we are focusing on consist of our supply chain, our operations, the topic of health and nutrition along with our role as an employer. Also, we would like to recommend to you the brochure, 'Our Principles in Action: Responsibility and Sustainability at Mars'. With this PDF document, you have our goals and results at your fingertips. To download a brochure, simply click here.

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View or download our 2016 Principles in Action Summary.

Principles in Action Summary
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View or download our 2015 Principles in Action Highlights.

Principles in Action Summary
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