Traditionally, on the last Sunday in September all animal lovers are invited to celebrate the World Animal Day. For the fifth time animal lovers along with their pets gathered in Gargzdai where once again they amazed other participants with their ingenuity - some of them brought their so-called "amiable giant" German dog, while others brought their microscopic aquarium snail.

Though most of the guests came together with their four-legged friends - all kinds of dogs and cats - one could also meet other species of animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, grass-snakes, and even spiders.

This year the title for the smallest animal of the festival went to the microscopic sludge-eating aquarium snail. Additionally, the title of the animal which best resembles its human friend was won by the British shorthair cat wearing the same vest as its owner.

“During such events we get a chance to respond to questions related to a variety of animal care issues which people do not usually dare to ask or simply do not know whose to ask. We still get such questions as ‘is it true that the female dog must have at least one offspring?‘ or ‘is it true that if one wishes to grow a proper watchdog, for a few months one needs to keep the dog in the dark?‘ Such questions are tenacious myths of our society, and they have been refuted by professional dog trainers,” says Aušra Žemaitienė, the organizer of the festival and the General Manager of “Mars Lithuania”.

Professional trainers, veterinarians, animal nutritionists and stylists also attended the event. The latter received a number of practical questions from pet owners – is it alright to feed the cat with the dog food? Which animal food is better - dry or wet? How many times per day should I feed my pet? Etc.