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Offering Consumers More Personalized Solutions

Personalized nutrition is becoming a game changer for consumers, as breakthroughs in data and technology offer them options for health and wellbeing that address individual needs and preferences at a rate we’ve not seen before. 

At Mars Edge we believe there is huge potential for personalized nutrition to help bring together the food we want with the nutrition we need. 

As a first step we have partnered with foodspring® – a direct-to-consumer targeted nutrition company based in Berlin, Germany – to build a global business in targeted nutrition and pioneer personalized nutrition. 
foodspring® is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing targeted nutrition businesses operating in the belief that “the right food is the key for a fitter, happier, and more productive life”.

foodspring® offers evidence-based and data-driven products for consumers with needs around sports performance, healthy living and shape. Their products include protein shakes, supplements, snacks & bars, muesli & porridge, smart cooking solutions and a set of beverages. As well as its impressive product range, foodspring® offers a tailored nutrition and fitness platform to personalize consumer experiences with features like a dedicated “Coach”, a recommendation engine which guides consumers to product choices, as well as access to nutritionists through its customer service team. 

Together with foodspring® we look forward to building a business that will bring tailored and personalized nutrition to individuals worldwide.

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