YES PEAS! Mars Food UK updates Peas Please pledge with new ambition to deliver 450m portions of vegetables across UK portfolio

Mars Food has pledged to encourage further vegetable consumption through the Peas Please initiative

25th May: Mars Food UK is updating its current Peas Please 'veg pledge' as a means of helping the nation get its extra portion of vegetables a day. The new pledge, set to be achieved by 2023, aims to deliver an incredible 450m portions of vegetables across the Mars Food UK brand portfolio over the next two and a half years.

In 2017, Mars Food UK pledged to encourage greater veg consumption through fresh on-pack and online recipe inspiration, in addition through its food service business and internally within Associate canteens. However, the business is pleased to reveal that those pledges have now been completed and will therefore - alongside a host of leading organisations - update its pledges to run to 2023!

Peas Please is a UK based initiative, run by the Food Foundation and is aimed at getting people eating more veg by encouraging businesses to ‘pledge’ their support. For the next two years, Mars Food UK will continue its work by delivering 450million portions of veg through sales of its Dolmio tomato based sauces - all of which contain one portion of veg in every serving. Further to this, the business will continue to inspire more vegetable consumption through Dolmio, Ben’s Original and Seeds of Change social media campaigns, via its Food Service business as well as internally amongst staff.

Rob Hollis, Marketing Director, Mars Food UK said "We're incredibly pleased that we've been able to partner with Peas Please over the years. With the vast majority of people in the UK not eating the recommended 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, its important we do our part to help people eat healthier meals.

Our new ambition to drive healthier diets is ambitions and exciting, as we are committing to delivering 450m portions of vegetables to the nation over the next two years. Mars Food wholeheartedly believes that better food today = a better word tomorrow and we’re embracing the challenge of getting the nation eating well with this new veg-pledge.”


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