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A Healthy Planet

Our 2021 Highlights

We’re reducing our total environmental impact in line with what science says must happen to keep the planet healthy: cutting greenhouse gas emissions, expanding our use of renewable electricity, and conserving water and land.



Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Goal: Reduce total greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain by 27% by 2025 and achieve Net Zero by 2050.

*Tracked against 2015 baseline



Eliminated in Unsustainable Water Use 

Goal: Eliminate unsustainable water use in our value chain, starting with a 50% reduction by 2025.

*Tracked against 2015 baseline



Reduction in Land Use

Goal: Hold flat the total land area associated with our value chain.

*Tracked against 2015 baseline

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In 2021, we had a -6.1% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to our 2015 baseline, while at the same time growing the business by almost 28% since the launch of the Sustainable in a Generation Plan. We were proud to announce that all Mars® bars sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada will be certified as carbon neutral by 2023. That means over 220 million carbon neutral chocolate bars per year.

Furthermore, ROYAL CANIN®, the largest brand at Mars, has committed to become certified carbon neutral by 2025. In 2021, we announced its first product range certified carbon neutral by SCS Global Services would be launched in 2022. ROYAL CANIN® is also transitioning to 100% renewable energy and currently 72% of the business’ electricity comes from renewable sources.

We also announced a key action to source additional renewable electricity in the United States—enough to cover our growing veterinary hospital businesses and to work toward   sourcing renewable 100% electricity.

Water Stewardship

In 2021, we reduced our unsustainable water usage by 24% compared to our 2015 baseline, on our way to achieving a 50% reduction by 2025. We joined the Water Resilience Coalition, a coalition of the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate, while making a commitment to achieve water balance in five manufacturing sites identified to be facing the greatest water stress challenges by 2025.

Protecting Our Oceans

Our cat food brand SHEBA® also announced their commitment to the world’s largest coral reef restoration program, with a commitment to restore more than 185,000 square meters of coral reefs around the world by 2029. 

Additionally, through our partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Mars Petcare sources no endangered species and 96% of our fish comes from more sustainable sources, in line with our sourcing guidelines.