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Thriving People

Our 2021 Highlights

At Mars, we believe we have a responsibility to improve the lives of the people in our value chain. We strive to enable them to thrive through human rights due diligence, commitments to improving workplace conditions and income disparity, and efforts to reach the most vulnerable populations.



People Reached though Human Rights and Income Efforts

Goal: Farmers, workers, women and children covered by programs designed to improve human rights and incomes.



Farmers Impacted through Increased Incomes

Goal: Helping to increase farmers’ incomes with programs that combine good agricultural practices, access to inputs, the latest plant science, price premiums and/or other ongoing engagement.



Women Reached through Empowerment Efforts

Goal: Engaging women in cocoa and mint supply chains through income programs, with a focus on interventions that boost their savings rates and develop entrepreneurial skills.


Activating Human Rights Due Diligence

Mars is proud to have activated human rights due diligence (HRDD) systems across 100% of Mars manufacturing sites globally. In addition, we continue to reach more than 18,000 workers (including more than 9,600 women) in supplier factories with programs to improve workplace conditions, and we've reached more than 442,200 people with programs to advance respect for rights in extended supply chains.

Refreshing Global Saliency and Human Rights Priorities

In 2021, we updated our global salient human rights issues, based on external and internal consultations, trend analysis and public data. This salience review confirmed five issues that may pose the most severe risk to people across our value chain:

  1. Lack of living income and wages
  2. Gender discrimination
  3. Mental and physical health and safety
  4. Forced labor
  5. Child labor

As we work to advance respect for all rights, we place special emphasis on these salient issues and prioritize actions that reach the most vulnerable people.

Listening to Women in the Workforce

We launched a global listening campaign called #HereToBeHeard, asking "What needs to change for more women to reach their full potential?” More than 10,000 women in 88 countries answered. Their voices called for an end to gender stereotypes, revealed the support needed by working parents, and showed us the benefit we would all see with more women in positions of power.