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Nourishing Wellbeing

Our 2021 Highlights

Good nutrition, health and wellbeing are essential for people and pets to lead happier, healthier lives. We use our global reach to enhance our products’ quality and nutrition, provide more people around the world with access to healthy meals, and support access to homes and veterinary care for pets in need. And we do it all while remaining committed to responsible marketing.


4.3 Billion

Healthy Meals Delivered

Goal: Deliver 5.5 billion healthy meals per year by 2025.


99% & 98%

Media Placement Compliance & Media Content Compliance

Goal: In our top 13 markets, achieve at least 97% media placement compliance across TV, other broadcast channels, digital and social media, and achieve at least 95% media content compliance.++

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Scientific Reports, Presentations
and Posters Shared

Goal: The Mars Global Food Safety Center invests in, explores and develops science and technology solutions to help address the most pressing challenges facing the global food supply chain.

Providing Healthy Food

We strive to ensure we’re providing healthy food. In 2021, we delivered 4.3 billion healthy meals—representing an increase of 300 million meals from 2020. We were able to accomplish this in part through strategic partnerships. This includes a new coalition that will collectively donate more than 100,000 healthy meals per year to underserved communities in the U.S. Mississippi Delta Region, home to Ben’s Original™ rice production for more than 40 years.

Responsible Marketing

At Mars, we pride ourselves on being a leader in responsible marketing and driving growth by doing what is right. We are proud to report a 99% placement commitments overall compliance result and a 98% overall content commitments compliance result, based on 2020 audit data.

Our placement commitments include:

  • No marketing targeted to children under 13 years old
  • No placement of vending machines or event sponsorship in primary schools
  • No data collection for children under 16 years old

Ensuring Safe Food

We believe that everyone has the right to safe food. This is why we proactively share all of our food safety insights on a pre-competitive basis.

In October 2021, the Mars Global Food Safety Center (GFSC) and the Danone Food Safety Department hosted the 2021 Future of Food Safety Summit in Beijing, China. This Summit provided an opportunity for world-leading organizations and experts to share the latest insights on emerging trends to help transform food safety at scale through pre-competitive collaboration.