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A Healthy Planet

Striving for Net Zero


In alignment with the most ambitious aim of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rises to 1.5 °C, Mars has committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our full value chain by 2050.

We announced that all Mars® bars sold in the U.K., Ireland and Canada will be certified as carbon neutral by 2023. That’s over 220 million carbon neutral chocolate bars per year.

We’re reducing the carbon footprint of direct operations in the U.K. by 67%, as well as producing our Canadian bars in a factory that is certified LEED Silver—meaning it sends zero waste to landfill and recaptures heat from operations to heat the building.

Pet Food That Loves the Planet

But we didn’t stop there. ROYAL CANIN®, the largest brand at Mars, has committed to become certified carbon neutral by 2025. In 2021, we announced its first product range certified carbon neutral by SCS Global Services would be launched in 2022. ROYAL CANIN® is also transitioning to 100% renewable energy and currently 72% of the business’ electricity comes from renewable sources.

We also launched Lovebug™, the first 100% insect-based cat food in the U.K. Developed in collaboration with Futerra, Lovebug™ cat food is a nutritionally complete and sustainable protein source. This innovative product has a smaller environmental pawprint, as insects take up 80% less land than beef per kilo of protein, and they are fed on 100% surplus veggies and plants, reducing food waste. They are also sourced from a farm powered by 100% renewable electricity, and the food comes in fully recyclable, plastic-free packaging.