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Renewable Electricity


In 2021, we announced our intention to source 100% renewable electricity for our growing veterinary hospitals business in the United States. To advance our progress towards this goal, Mars Veterinary Health engaged in a new power-purchase agreement with Apex Clean Energy, to provide renewable energy that will cover more than 100% of the electricity needed for its 2,000 veterinary hospitals in the U.S.

This renewable electricity agreement that will enable the creation of a new wind turbine farm in Ford Ridge, Illinois, which will generate enough electricity in one minute to power 36 vet visits. This initiative contributes to Mars’s target of sourcing 100% renewable energy (both electricity and thermal) by 2040.


Our family of businesses is leading in planet-focused efforts within veterinary care practices around the world. For example:

  • Linnaeus eliminated nitrous oxide, a potent GHG, as an anesthetic gas in 2021, removing around 129tCO2e per annum.
  • Since 2016, AniCura has cut the use of antibiotics in its practices by 50% while maintaining quality of care through best practices in preventative care, diagnostics and infection control, as part of its effort to combat antibiotic resistance and preserve the usefulness of the current range of antibiotics for many more years to come.