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Refreshing Our Saliency and Human Rights Priorities


Salient human rights are the issues at the highest risk for serious negative impact through a company’s activities—and therefore require attention to mitigate the risk to people. In 2021, we completed a review that included more than 70 consultations internally and externally, as well as analyses of global trends and public data. This salience review confirmed five issues that may pose the most severe risk to people across our value chain:

  • Lack of living income and wages
  • Gender discrimination
  • Mental and physical health and safety
  • Forced labor
  • Child labor

The results underscored the connections among these risks. For example, action on gender inequality and improving incomes can be key to addressing the risks of child and forced labor in some supply chains. It also highlighted how the climate crisis, the ongoing impact of COVID-19, and threats to worker voice are exacerbating these issues.

As we work to advance respect for all rights, we place special emphasis on these salient issues and prioritize actions that reach the most vulnerable people.