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Unlocking Opportunities for Women

Image-of-Pictured above: Dr. Xue Zhang, Dr. Yueju Zhao, Junnan Zhang, Dr. Jinghua Chang of the Mycotoxin Team, the Mars Global Food Safet
Pictured above: Dr. Xue Zhang, Dr. Yueju Zhao, Junnan Zhang, Dr. Jinghua Chang of the Mycotoxin Team, the Mars Global Food Safet

Despite women making up 51% of the world's population and having the potential to contribute $28 trillion to the global GDP, women hold only 32% of the wealth accumulated. And for women of color in the United States, the situation is worse: they hold mere pennies to every dollar that white men hold.

The World Economic Forum had estimated that it would take more than a century to close the gender opportunity gap globally. And now, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the march for gender parity in education, health, income, political representation, and other key areas has been set back another 36 years.

That means they project it will now take 136 years to close the gender gap.

If we’re to drive meaningful change at scale, we need to listen to the voices of all women. To help amplify those voices, Mars launched #HereToBeHeard—a global listening campaign aimed at capturing voices of women from all walks of life to help inform the actions that global businesses and society must take to close the gender opportunity gap.

More than 10,000 women in 88 countries shared their stories. They called for an end to gender stereotypes, revealed the support needed by working parents, and showed us the benefit we would all see with more women in positions of power.


We listened, and we’re taking action.

In 2021, we launched Full Potential, our platform for leadership on gender action. Through Full Potential, we are:

  • Progress toward our ambition of 100% gender-balanced business leadership teams.
  • Commit to equal pay for male and female Associates across our global businesses.
    • Last year, we completed a comprehensive review of our pay practices that confirmed we pay our Associates equitably regardless of their gender. We will continue to review our pay practices to ensure we pay our Associates fairly and equitably as part of our commitment to ensuring an inclusive environment that attracts and retains the strongest talent.
  • Expand our global partnership with CARE.
    • This will include a $10 million investment over the next five years to empower 50,000 women in cocoa-sourcing communities.
  • Invest more than $4.5 million in initiatives that include empowering women in coconut-, vanilla- and shea-sourcing communities.