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Responsible Marketing

Marketing is a powerful tool that can drive positive behavior and conversations about issues that matter. It’s critical to put guardrails around marketing practices to protect vulnerable audiences and to ensure that marketing is honest, accountable and trustworthy.

That’s why our Mars Marketing Code (MMC) is one of the most ambitious in the food industry. We believe that with a strong commitment to responsible marketing, we’re driving positive change.

Mars is considered to be the industry leader in our governance and reporting. Good governance is about delivering accurate and consistent measurement of performance and doing so in a transparent manner.

We are proud to report a 99% placement commitment and a 98% overall content commitment result, based on 2020 audit data. This surpasses our compliance goals for our media content and media placement respectively.

Our approach focuses on:

  1. Protecting children as a vulnerable audience
  2. Using the power of marketing for good, and
  3. Being responsive to consumer expectation

In service of these priorities, our placement commitments include:

  • No marketing targeted to children under 13 years, regardless of the nutritional profile of a product, and using a 25% audience threshold
  • No data collection for children under 16 years old
  • No marketing, vending or sports sponsorship in primary schools

We also have firm content commitments applicable to all forms of marketing (including packaging and in-store marketing) which include:

  • No child-appealing promotions, influencers, licensed characters, advergames, or purchasing incentives and strict governance of our brand characters.
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles and responsible consumption
  • Following our advertising guidelines for positive behaviors
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(Data infographics are from the prior period)