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Nourishing Wellbeing

Providing Healthy Food


We strive to ensure we’re providing healthy food. In 2021, we delivered 4.3 billion healthy meals—up from 300 million meals in 2020. We were able to do this by reducing sodium across our Mars Food portfolio by 3.2%, as well as providing 848 million servings of vegetables and 214 million servings of fiber through product reformulation and innovation.

We are also committed to improving access to healthy food. In 2021, Mars Food and our Multisales division worked in partnership with food banks and social aid charities around the world to donate over 23 million meals to support our communities and provide those in need with access to nutritious meals.

We have done this by building partnerships with organizations around the world, including the partnership between Mars Food, The MolinaCares Accord, Molina Healthcare of Mississippi and Kroger Delta Division. This coalition is providing further access to fresh foods for residents of and underprivileged communities in Greenville, Mississippi, where our BEN’S ORIGINAL ™ products have been made for more than 40 years.

Collectively, this coalition has donated more than 100,000 healthy meals, including produce and protein. The companies are also seeking to create a larger coalition by inviting more like-minded area businesses to join them in their ambition.

Over the next five years, Mars Food will invest $2.5 million to improve access to healthy foods and education for the region’s underserved..

During the first year of the partnership, the coalition made great progress to enable the following community-based organizations to further access to healthy foods in the region.

Hearty Helpings Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen

The coalition purchased a 26-foot refrigerated truck to improve the pantry’s collection and distribution of fresh produce and proteins. Within the first two months of having the truck, Hearty Helpings traveled over 200 miles and distributed over 200,000 pounds of food to the Washington County community.

The Mississippi Food Network

The coalition has sponsored six mobile food pantry distributions, which has provided 3,000 residents of Greenville, Mississippi, and the surrounding areas with over 120,000 pounds of fresh produce, protein and grains and more than 100,000 healthy meals.


Through the coalition, the city of Greenville established a Service Member program to provide more than 150 students in the Greenville Public School and Western Line School districts with hands-on lessons in growing, cooking and making healthy food options.

The Boys & Girls Club of Washington County

Mars and Molina volunteers hold bi-monthly education events teaching Boys & Girls Club children about healthy eating habits, dental hygiene and increasing the amount of water they drink. The partners also worked with the children to plant a produce garden at the Boys & Girls Club to teach them to grow, sustain and harvest healthy produce to further encourage continued healthy eating habits.