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Innovating with Recyclable Packaging


In March 2021, we launched the initial roll-out of the mono polypropylene (mono-PP) packaging for our microwavable rice pouch range, which is designed for recyclability, beginning with Ben’s Original®.

Developed with global packaging partner Amcor, the use of high-performing mono-PP material will allow food products to retain their shape, shelf life, functionality and high safety standards while allowing the pouches to be recycled in centers that accept flexible plastic collection.

Effective collection and sorting systems, alongside availability of recycling infrastructure, are critical elements in building a circular economy for all packaging types. It is expected that in-home recycling for mono-PP flexible plastics will be available from 2023 in the United Kingdom.

We are also incorporating recycled plastic into the primary packaging for some of our popular pet food brands. This is an important step in our work to reduce the use of new, virgin plastic across our portfolio. Last year, with the launch of our new SHEBA® pet food pouch containing recycled plastic, we became the first company in the pet food industry to use food-safe recycled material in wet-food flexible packaging. We also unveiled EXTRA® gum bottles with 30% recycled PET, leading to an annual decrease in virgin plastic by 343 tons.