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Clear labelling
Helping you make the right nutritional choices.

It is not only important to improve our products.  We also offer a wide variety of chocolate products, allowing consumers to choose the product and portion size that is right for themselves and their families.

We also believe our consumers should know exactly what is in them, so they can make the right, educated nutritional choices to balance their diet. It’s all down to clear labelling.

In 2005, together with a group of other large food producers, Mars developed a nutritional labelling system called the Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA’s) in order to give our consumers guidance in sustaining a balanced diet.  These labels give science-based information at a glance by showing the amount of energy and nutrients as a percentage of the daily-recommended diet.

Understanding Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA's)

Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA’s) are approximate daily maximum guideline levels of calories and key nutrients, to enable consumers to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

GDA’s appearing on packs summarise the contribution which foods make to your daily intake of calories, sugars, fat, saturates, and salt. This can help you to understand what is in the food you like to eat.

A personalised GDA would take into account your gender, weight and also activity levels, since all of these determine your daily calorie needs. Unfortunately it is impossible to include a wide range of variations on a label. The GDA’s you see on food labels are based on dietary recommendations for an average adult. An average adult is defined as a female of healthy weight and average activity level with no special dietary needs.

Since they are only averages and not personalised, GDA’s cannot be used as targets for individuals. They simply provide a guideline, which enables you to see how the foods you eat contribute to your nutritional daily intake.

For more information, you can visit our websites and . These websites contain a whole range of tips and information on the position sweets occupy in our diet.

Our Nutrition Philosophy

Mars promotes active lifestyles and responsible food choices.

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