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Putting our Principles into Action to make a difference to people and the planet through our performance. The Principles in Action Summary subsumes how we take responsibility for making the world sustainable. Read more



    Whiskas Nurture their Nature

    The WHISKAS® recipes are made with fresh meat or fresh fish, so we don’t need any artificial flavouring. Just the natural, meaty or fishy taste your cat will love.
    Discover the pouches, the dry kibbles, the trays, the cans, the snacks and the cat milk.


    Every dog deserves professional nutrition.

    At PEDIGREE®, we use ingredients specially selected on the basis of their beneficent nutritious properties and their taste. They provide your dog with the balance to stay in good shape and in good health, whilst offering the pleasure of a good meal.
    - Dry food (kibbles)
    - Wet food (cans)
    - The PEDIGREE® Snacks (Dentastix,...)

  • SHEBA®

    Cats are gastronomes by nature

    They are very demanding and expect only the best. That's why SHEBA® developed a selection of gastronomic recipes. The trays, the pouches and the gastronomic menus are carefully prepared with tasty high quality ingredients.


    Treats cats craves!

    Catisfactions® are a range of cat treats that your cat will crave. The irresisitble treats are little crunchy squares filled with delicious soft centres that cats dream about. They come in different varieties (chicken, salmon, beef, cheese, duck, poultry or mixed). Just shake the Catisfactions® pouch and watch your cat come running!


    Snickers, satisfies

    Full of roasted peanuts and caramel covered in Chocolate. You are not you when you’re hungry. Snickers Satisfies.

  • TWIX®

    Twix, enjoy them both

    The Twix® bar is all about three familiar ingredients that everyone loves. And with two sticks, you get to enjoy them twice.

  • M&M’s®

    M&M's® make get together more fun!

    Among the world’s favorite candy snacks, M&M’s® are the colourful chocolate bites that are just plain fun to eat and brighten any casual social occasion.

  • MIRACOLI® Pasta Sauces

    Delicious MIRACOLI® pasta sauces: irresistible for the whole family.

    Italian food keep on surprising you!
    This is why MIRACOLI® has expanded its range of sauces in the 90s with delicious Mediterranean sauces in different formats and for all tastes: from a classic tomato sauce to a rich tomato sauce with delicious Mediterranean vegetables.
    Use your imagination and use these delicious MIRACOLI® sauces in your lasagna, pasta or your cannelloni.

  • UNCLE BEN's® rice

    UNCLE BEN’s® rice: perfect every time

    By including rice on your menu, you bring variation and balance to your daily meals. Rice offers so many possibilities: wok meals, classic dishes, eastern preparations, … Discover the wide range of UNCLE BEN’s® and vary: from long grain rice to Basmati rice to Jasmin rice, or try our UNCLE BEN’s® Express rice, ready in two minutes. The choice is up to you.

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