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If you’re hungry for a role that will allow you to stretch your skills and develop your knowledge, there’s every chance we’ll have a development programme to suit you. Whether you think your future lies in management or you’re more cut out for a specialist role in commercial, technology, sales, engineering, R&D or Finance, you can be sure of one thing. With us, you’ll never be seen as just a number. Or even as just another graduate. You’re coming in to keep our success story moving forward. In all kinds of new ways. And that’s why we have a wide range of graduate programmes. Whichever programme you choose, you’ll have access to a fantastic support structure, line managers, mentors and a buddy who’ll all be there to help you make your training mean more for your career.


We’re global. We have six different business segments. We have all sorts of different functional areas, from Marketing to Manufacturing. All of which means that when your programme comes to an end, your development won’t. Anything but. Your future will be wide open. You can move upwards, sideways, across borders, across functions. In fact, we positively encourage this because we know that the broader your experience, the more you’ll be able to make your work mean more. Development is very much at the heart of our culture, so you’ll continue to learn through experience, through your colleagues and through more formal training. In a nutshell, your ongoing career here can be exactly what you make it. In the meantime, here’s more information about our programmes:

Tulja Bhatt
European Procurement Leadership Programme
What are the most interesting parts of your role? “Working on a variety of different projects with different people. It was amazing to see an idea go from paper to a tasty product! The work you do makes a real difference!”
Elle Gatehouse
Business & Technology Leadership Programme
What was your proudest moment on the BTLP? "I had the chance to work with our Amazon account managers across the Petcare, Chocolate and Wrigley segments globally to create a reporting tool that would really help them to drive growth online"
Sarah Percival
Research & Development Programme
What has been your proudest moment so far? “My proudest moment so far has been carrying out my first line trial in the factory. It was great to be able to lead the organisation of the trial and to coordinate the trial team on the day"


The Mars Leadership Experience (MLE) is a perfect grounding for a career in business leadership. You’ll manage projects, take on roles with local and international exposure, lead teams, make decisions with real consequences and much more. The challenges will come thick and fast and it will stretch you like never before.

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We’re really hot on engineering at Mars. Hardly surprising, since engineering has made us into the business we are today. A true global giant. So we think it’s important that, as one of our engineers, you get involved in an incredible variety of projects from the moment you get here.

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Forget back office finance. This is about more than just crunching the numbers. As part of the European Finance Development Programme, you’ll be integrated into the business, working as a business consultant, offering advice and making recommendations that will be highly valued.

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If you love the idea of being able to work alongside all of Mars' business segments: Chocolate, Petcare, Wrigley, Food, and Drinks, then working within Mars Global Services (MGS) could be exactly what you're looking for.

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R&D shapes the future, and on this programme we will help you shape your own. You’ll be given the opportunity to explore the varied aspects of R&D and support the development of your science skills where creativity and personal responsibility is celebrated. 

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In Procurement the challenges come thick and fast and they keep on coming. Buying, working with commodities and reading the markets, negotiating with suppliers, working across our brands, across our business segments and across Europe.

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You’ll be the main point of contact between Mars and retail or wholesale businesses across the UK. You’ll be helping our customers grow their sales through a variety of channels and you’ll be making a real ‘bottom-line’ difference to their businesses and ours. That’s what life’s like on the SMP. 

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