Leading Global Change

We treat every day as an opportunity to define the world we want tomorrow. That change won’t happen by itself, and oftentimes it doesn’t come easy — but we work toward creating that future today. Our global leadership team is responsible for building on our storied history while setting the vision for our path forward. Our passionate founders established The Five Principles, which have stood the test of time and continue to empower our Associates to collaborate and make decisions.  

As leaders of a private and family-owned business, we have the resources to drive the change we want to see in the world, today. Our leaders are experts in their fields, driving values-based actions that help our business, communications and the world at large to thrive.

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    Grant F. Reid

    CEO/Office of the President

    Performance without purpose is meaningless, and purpose without performance isn’t possible. It’s the magic combination.

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    Claus Aagaard

    Chief Financial Officer

    Private ownership provides a great platform to live our purpose as we can do the right things and faster without the worry of the market reaction. A prerequisite is nurturing our freedom by healthy value creation today.

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    Stefanie Straub

    Vice President & General Counsel

    Our plan to be Sustainable in a Generation, our Five Principles and our culture of ethics will help create a better world for all of us.

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    Eric Minvielle

    Vice President, People & Organization

    At Mars, all Associates are part of something bigger and have the opportunity to do their very best.

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    Andy Pharoah

    Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Strategic Initiatives & Sustainability

    Our vision, our actions and our conscience are what pushes every Associate to define the future we want and do what it takes to get there together, every single day.

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    Jean-Christophe Flatin

    President of Innovation, Science, Technology & Mars Edge

    Our deep belief and expertise in science and technology allows us to reinvent and innovate our businesses by creating consumer centric products, services and experiences.

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    Poul Weihrauch

    Global President, Mars Petcare

    For us in Petcare, the world we want tomorrow is: A Better World for Pets, that’s a world with more happy pets, more healthy pets, and where pets are welcome in more places.

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    Fiona Dawson

    Global President Mars Food, Multisales and Global Customers

    At Mars Food, our Purpose is to provide healthy, delicious food at affordable prices, which can be enjoyed and shared by millions of families and friends around the world – better food today, a better world tomorrow.

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    Andrew Clarke

    Global President, Mars Wrigley

    It’s always been our responsibility to build a better business for tomorrow, to really think for the long term. Our everyday actions enable us to make a real impact for generations and not just for quarters.