Today’s Commitments to a Sustainable Tomorrow

Our Sustainable in a Generation Plan addresses key areas of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and features ambitious goals informed by science and rooted in The Five Principles. Our plan focuses on three key areas — Healthy PlanetThriving People and Nourishing Wellbeing.

Assembling a wind turbine to lower carbon emissions at Mesquite Creek Wind Farm in Lamesa, TX.

Healthy Planet

Leveraging data from thorough reviews of our resource use, we’ve set Healthy Planet ambitions linked to Climate ActionWater Stewardship, Sustainable Packaging and Land Use to reduce our environmental impacts in line with what science says is necessary to keep the planet healthy tomorrow.

Women celebrating International Women's Day & the development of a new local market near Gueyo

Thriving People

We believe we can and should play a role in increasing opportunities for people in the workplaces and communities that we touch. Our Thriving People ambition focuses on Increasing Income, Respecting Human Rights and Unlocking Opportunities for Women to improve the working lives of 1 million people in our value chain.

Farmer harvesting grain to improve our nourishing wellbeing.

Nourishing Wellbeing

We believe people should have access to the products and information they need to maintain healthy lifestyles. Our Nourishing Wellbeing ambition is our commitment to Advance Science, Innovation and Marketing in ways that help billions of people and their pets lead healthier, happier lives today and into the future.   

The Pillars of Our Plan

Learn About Our Progress

See how far we’ve come and how we’re working toward achieving our future goals with our Sustainable in a Generation Plan.

Our Sustainable in a Generation Plan in Action
Here are just a few of the ways we’re working toward these important goals today — and the exciting progress we’ve made so far: