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Creating better communities and happier, healthier smiles by giving people opportunities to flourish.


The Mars Wrigley Foundation believes better moments make the world smile

We also realize people face very real challenges to their happiness and wellbeing. From addressing a lack of oral health affecting children and adults worldwide to gaps in community resources — there are many moments when the Mars Wrigley Foundation can make a difference around the world.

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Mars Wrigley Foundation remains committed to the communities it serves, especially during this unprecedented time responding to the needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Foundation initially provided an emergency grant to the Hubei Red Cross Foundation in partnership with Give2Asia when the health crisis began to support urgent protective gear needs for frontline healthcare workers in Wuhan, China.

With the geographic spread of the virus, we have aligned on a global response to meet the urgent needs in Mars Wrigley site communities. 

The Mars Wrigley Foundation will provide emergency grants to local NGOs meeting the basic needs of local site communities around the world. We recognize each community is unique and needs will vary. We aim to support the most vulnerable populations and most critical needs. Wherever possible, the Foundation looks to coordinate with local efforts to increase the impact on local communities.

The Foundation is committed to provide up to $3 million USD toward this emergency response.

Children Recycling

Our areas of focus

The Foundation works to provide oral health education and care, improve lives in in mint and cocoa growing regions, prevent litter and waste, and create vibrant communities.


Shared Smiles


Spreading smiles by improving lives in mint- and cocoa-growing communities and the local communities in which Mars Wrigley operates.

Our Impact

By end of 2020, 1 million+ children in 1,800 mint-farming villages in India have been provided greater opportunities for future success.

Foundation For Environmental Education

Proud Smiles


Preventing litter to create a vibrant environment in which we can all take pride.

Our Impact

By end of 2020, eight million students in 35 countries have learned how to decrease litter in their communities.

Save the Children

Healthier Smiles


Promoting oral health so people can enjoy happier, healthier smiles.

Our Impact

Since 2010, the Mars Wrigley Foundation has reached more than 6.5 million individuals through investments in oral health, including its signature Healthier Smiles grant program.

We have 16 markets with active programs

Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Kenya, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Spain, Taiwan (China), United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.


The Mars Wrigley Foundation focuses its grantmaking on its strategic priority areas to create better communities and happier, healthier smiles. We proactively establish philanthropic partnerships to ensure we have the greatest impact and are maximizing our resources. As a result, we regret we are unable to accept unsolicited grant proposals.