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A Mars Wrigley Foundation banner stands behind people beside their large dry-ration kits.
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Mars Wrigley Foundation Supports Communities, Globally

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything the world has seen before. It has caused unparalleled hardships and challenges, leading to many moments of uncertainty and fear within our communities.

“At Mars Wrigley, our purpose is 'Better Moments Make the World Smile.' Because the world we want tomorrow is a one where we do our best to support our communities,” said Andrew Clarke, Global President of Mars Wrigley.

That’s why our Mars Wrigley Foundation remains committed to the communities it serves, especially during these trying times. 

Early this year, the Foundation provided an initial emergency grant to the Hubei Red Cross Foundation to support urgent safety equipment needs for front-line healthcare workers in Wuhan, China. As the challenges increased, the Foundation established a global response to meet the evolving needs in Mars Wrigley site communities around the world with a $3 million USD commitment to local nonprofits serving the most vulnerable in our communities. With the aim of helping those most critically in need, no matter where in the world, almost 600,000 vulnerable individuals and families negatively impacted by the pandemic have received support through Mars Wrigley Foundation efforts to date.

“We are committed to the communities where we live and work, especially during this unprecedented time, and we are responding to the urgent needs from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mars Wrigley Foundation is grateful for the relentless work of our partner organizations to assist during this crisis,” said Anne Vela-Wagner, Executive Director, Mars Wrigley Foundation.

Through the Foundation’s long-standing partnership with Save the Children in the Philippines, families received hygiene kits that provide hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and vital health information teaching children and families about virus prevention methods. Leveraging its global partnerships, the Foundation has also funded several organizations focused on medical care such as the Spanish Red Cross, Comunitas in Brazil, Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia  and Southlake Regional Health Foundation in Canada.   

We also know access to food and other basic needs has been a challenge in many countries. For this reason, the Mars Wrigley Foundation has also united with other funders to support coordinated local response efforts throughout our site communities. This support gives partners flexibility to address evolving needs and includes support for personal protective equipment, clothing and housing assistance. However, food insecurity remains a great challenge around the world and the Foundation has made it possible for nonprofits in France, Poland, the United States, Taiwan, India and the Netherlands to provide meals and shelf-stable food boxes in these areas.  

For example, in June the Mars Wrigley Foundation announced a grant in India that has aided daily wage workers, migrants, labor and vulnerable populations by providing dry-ration food and essential item kits. The grant, worth INR 4 million, supports The Akshaya Patra Foundation and Smile Foundation, nonprofit organizations that are working with vulnerable communities through the crisis.

This grant helps reach vulnerable communities around our factories in Baddi, Bangalore, Pune and the head office in Gurgaon. In all, the grant will provide more than 500,000 meals for families in these four locations. In addition to food, the funds will be used by the organization to procure hygiene items including masks, soaps, hand sanitizer and sanitary napkins. The grant further helps us to live our Purpose in one of our emerging markets, especially during these challenging times.

Better moments make the world smile, and there are many moments when the Mars Wrigley Foundation can make a difference around the world. Together, working with our global partners and standing with the neighborhoods we live and operate in, we can create better communities. Tomorrow starts today, and we will continue to provide updates on how our support is making a difference. 

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