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2021: A Renewed Opportunity to Build Back a Better World

There’s never been a more appropriate and critical time to talk about what organizations stand for — and, more importantly, the purposeful actions they’re taking to make a difference in the world. As we navigate this prolonged period of global disruption, all organizations have an opportunity and responsibility to define what comes next — for people and the planet we share.

“Purpose is basically an articulation of an organization’s North Star. At Mars, our purpose is: ‘The world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today,’” explains Andy Pharoah, Vice President Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Mars. “If an organization’s purpose can’t be used as a lens to make business decisions, it’s probably not purpose at all…it’s just a tagline.”

Acknowledging that we can always do better — and pushing ourselves to ask, “How do we want the world to look in the future?” — is what guides our journey.

Walking the walk

The history we’re living through right now is the most significant test case of a company’s purpose. It’s critical for us not to shy away from difficult subjects, like poverty and race, deforestation and basic human rights, and we’re not afraid to make business decisions to correct our course.

This past year has shown us many things, perhaps most importantly: having a clear, principles-based framework for decision-making, particularly in times of crisis, is invaluable.

Mars is far more than our profits. We're also actors in society who believe business should be a force for good. We're committed to keeping the momentum going with purposeful actions – doing our part to recover better and build the world we want tomorrow.

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