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Creating A Culture for Women to Build Their Own Paths to Success

At times throughout her career, Strategic Demand Director Emma Lyons was the only female leader in the room. She’s happy that’s not the case at Mars Australia. 

In a LinkedIn blog post, this Mars Wrigley Associate shares her thoughts on gender balance and women leaders. Having spent the majority of her career working in sales for some of Australia’s biggest brands in the fast-moving consumer goods category, she has firsthand experience working in one of the more male-dominated careers, and has been pleased to witness progress in terms of gender balance. 

“I’m excited to see the conversation around gender balance at work continue to evolve. Young women I mentor no longer ask the same questions they did 10 years ago,” she said. “They are not wondering if they can have it all. Instead they ask me how to approach work and how to set up a path to achieve their ambitions.” 
At Mars, we know our diverse, inclusive culture makes our business stronger for the future. It drives creativity, diverse thinking and solving problems. With more than 130,000+ Associates working in over 80 countries worldwide, we believe it’s imperative we have a diverse workforce that accurately represents our customers and reflects the world we live in today. 

“One thing I strongly believe is that if we want to build a better world — a gender-balanced world — inclusion is the key to change,” she said.

One way to help address the imbalance is to ensure that workplace culture and environment allows everyone to find their own path to success, in ways that benefit both parties. It will look different for everyone. As a mother, Emma understands the importance of flexibility at work. 

“I am happy to work differently to spend time with my kids, knowing that my work might not entirely fall between the standard 9 to 5,” she said. “It’s given me the freedom to shape a routine that works for me and my family.” 

From supply chains to the board room, we’re focused on unlocking more opportunities for women. We have made advances but we know we can do so much more. Listening to our Associates, identifying and solving potential barriers and ensuring that all interview panels include influential women are just a few steps we’re taking to advance women in roles where historically they’ve been underrepresented.

“Our company understands that it’s one thing to have women in senior leadership roles, but if we’re not willing to create an environment and ways of working to support this, it won’t absorb into the culture,” she said. “Representation alone doesn’t create meaningful change.” 

At Mars, we’ve made progress, and are proud our efforts have been recognized with many workplace awards. This reinforces our commitment and bold ambition to do so much more. 

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