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Helping Pet Parents Make Sustainable Choices
April 21, 2021

A large part of our business portfolio is centered around serving the needs of millions of pets and pet owners around the world. Our Mars Petcare Associates are constantly focusing on finding new ways to help pets and pet parents live happy, healthy lives together. For us, that means living our Purpose: A Better World For Pets™.  This also means a more sustainable world for people, pets and the planet. We are driving innovation and giving pet parents the chance to make sustainable choices, while taking ambitious steps to reduce our carbon footprint and redesigning our packaging for circularity.


Alternative proteins driving pet nutrition

We have recently launched Lovebug™, the first 100% insect-based cat food in the UK. Developed in collaboration with Futerra, Lovebug™ cat food is nutritionally complete and a truly sustainable protein source. This innovative product has a smaller environmental pawprint, as insects take up 80% less land than beef per kilo of protein, and they are fed on 100% surplus veggies and plants reducing food waste. They are also sourced from a farm powered by 100% renewable electricity, and the food comes in fully recyclable, plastic-free packaging. Learn more.

Creating less waste

We’re also helping pet parents reduce their waste with NatusanTM, the UK’s first circular economy cat litter brand.

NatusanTM litter is made from 100% PEFC-certified, recycled wood materials (a by-product of the timber industry), which means no additional trees are felled in the making. As a result, NatusanTM is 100% natural, biodegradable and fully compostable. Alongside litter bags, the brand also offers a zero-waste subscription service where soiled litter is collected from consumers’ doors, collected, composted and turned into fertiliser. NatusanTM also plant a tree for every product sold. Learn more.

Rethinking and reducing our packaging

Three new packaging pilots are aiming to reduce unnecessary packaging and reduce the use of plastics, as part of our over Sustainable In A Generation goal to use 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025.

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Pedigree Schmackos has reduced 23 tons of plastic and 60 tons of paper in its sachets and cases, adding up to a 12% reduction in plastic usage and 36% in paper.

DREAMIES™ cat treats reduced the amount of plastic used to make its 60g packs by 10%, removing 47 tons of plastic.  Royal Canin has simplified the design and the structure of dry pet food bags to boost circularity, piloting its first flexible mono-material plastic packaging across Europe, which will be recyclable where the infrastructure exists.

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Royal Canin’s Recycling Program is another example of our efforts to reduce waste and a step closer to achieving our sustainability goals. Royal Canin partnered with TerraCycle to allow pet owners in New Zealand and Australia to return dry food bags and wet pouches to participating veterinary clinics. This partnership aims to recycle millions of ROYAL CANIN® and Eukanuba™ pet food bags that can't currently be recycled through community curbside recycling. Learn more about our packaging initiatives.

These efforts are part of our global mission to help create a healthy planet on which all people and pets can thrive – a belief that’s at the heart of our Sustainable in a Generation Plan.

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