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Jean-Christophe Flatin, President, Innovation, Science, Technology & Mars Edge at Mars.
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Tips for Growing a Disruptive Mindset in Your Company

Originally published on LinkedIn by Jean-Christophe Flatin, President, Innovation, Science, Technology & Mars Edge at Mars

In this age of COVID-19 and uncertainty, how can a 110-year-old corporation create new value and champion the role of diversity in fostering innovation and sustainable change?

Being around as a company for 110 years is seen by some as being old, but I have a different point of view. Our 110-year history means we have survived numerous crises, two world wars, five major recessions and many natural disasters. 

This does not happen by chance or coincidence: this means we have already successfully reinvented ourselves a number of times. During these times we disrupted ourselves to create value. What’s similar and what’s new with the disruption needed today?

What’s similar for today’s leaders is acting to shape a consumer-relevant portfolio, nurturing the right talent and having the courage to make the right resource allocation. What has changed is execution—the “how to.”

So how can a large organization disrupt and create value in 2020? Here are my tips:

  1. The first leadership gift in uncertain times is to provide absolute clarity on the company’s strategic goals and its innovation roadmap—this is the best unrecognized efficiency lever.
  2. Then, it’s about leadership fostering the entrepreneurial mindset and collective intelligence.

Not just from one, but many.

From various cultures, voices, genders, and mindsets. 

Creating the safe context to encourage challenging the status quo, defy the outside variables, reinvent and deliver the unexpected.

Executing in diverse cross functional project teams with milestone-driven funding and execution mode.

      3. Finally, with agile consumer-centric testing to reduce time from concept to market.

These three tips work in tandem to ensure you’re driving value and contributing positively to the people and places your business touches. This approach is in our DNA and I’m excited, and comforted, for what lies ahead.

Even though there’s uncertainty, this is a time for leadership and innovation to shape a different future.