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Mars CEO Grant F. Reid listens to music while sitting with his dog.

Mars CEO Talks Life at Mars and Steering Through COVID-19

“Scotsman makes sure there’s plenty of life at Mars” (subscription required) originally published in The Times of London on May 9, 2020.

Mars CEO Grant F. Reid sat down with The Times of London to discuss life at Mars and how the business is managing through the COVID-19 pandemic. The profile showcases Mars priorities of Associates health and safety, doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and supporting communities around the world where we live, work and operate.

Grant described a big part of his role as helping create calm and stability in a stressful and ambiguous time. "Part of what I have to do is import stress and export serenity,” he told the Times. 

"Our Associates are looking for stability, some hope, some compassion, some trust.” 

He also talked about the importance of balance and timing when managing through the crisis. “For now, we must make sure our Associates are still safe,” he said. “But at the same time, all the challenges that were there before this will be there when we’re out (of this pandemic). You can’t be 100 percent focused on the crisis and you can’t be 100 percent focused on the future.” 

The article details how our crisis management team, made up of senior executives and medical experts, is creating new policies to steer the company through the pandemic. These new measures will establish what work will look like when we enter a “new normal.”

The profile also explores Grant’s leadership style and his history at Mars.

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