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Celebrating Pets’ Value to Society – Today and Every Day

Pets give us unconditional love, companionship and purpose. They get us outside for exercise and social contact. They make us feel less lonely and anxious. As pet parents, we instinctively know that pets are good for us. It turns out, the benefits of having a pet are backed by science. 

At Mars, we know that pets make a better world for us. That’s why we want to make A Better World for Pets. 

This World Animal Day we are celebrating the incredible and special bond between humans and animals as we believe that everyone should benefit from the emotional support and unconditional love pets give. Through our research, our community advocacy, and our brand campaigns, we want to bring this message to as many people as possible – be they pet care professionals, public officials, or local communities. 

That’s why, for the last fifty years, we’ve been funding hundreds of scientific studies to better understand the benefits of human-animal interaction. One of our key partnerships is with the Human Animal Bond Research Institute – or HABRI – that has helped us not only further advance scientific research, but also share our learnings in why and how pets help people physically, mentally and in local communities.

These findings are at the core of our own programs and activities at Mars Petcare. It’s because we know exactly how important animals are in our lives that we launched the Better Cities For Pets program in the US, with the aim of making pets more welcome in public places, including offices, restaurants and rental buildings. We’re also sharing the power of pets in our lives through our most beloved brands, like Cesar’s campaign to support vulnerable children in schools simply by putting a pet by their side, and Pedigree’s program to encourage adults and seniors to fill their “empty nest” by adopting a pet.

We believe that A Better World For Pets – one where they are more happy, healthy and welcome – is a better world for everyone. Pushing the boundaries of scientific research is one of the ways we are making this a reality. Check out the latest edition of our video series, Tell Tails, to learn more.

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