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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The health, safety and wellbeing of pets and their owners is a priority at Mars—now more than ever. Every day we aim to make A Better World for Pets™, and that includes keeping you up to date on how to best protect your pet—and yourself—during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our 85,000 Petcare Associates are devoted to thinking about and caring for the 400 million pets of the world and how we can improve it for them. This involves everything from their nutrition—through foods like PEDIGREE®, WHISKAS® and ROYAL CANIN®—to high-quality medical care provided by BANFIELD® Pet Hospitals, BLUE PEARL™VCA®Linnaeus Group and AniCura. The WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute is also driving the innovations we need to improve pet health through nutrition preventive health.

To help you and your beloved pets stay safe, our Associates at our BANFIELD® Pet Hospitals offer the latest facts and insights on COVID-19.

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Additionally, Mars Petcare’s Waltham brings Pet Health Pal, a new educational resource powered by Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to answer top questions and bust myths related to pet health and ownership curing this unprecedented time.

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