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Today’s Food Innovation for a Better World Tomorrow

Food is more than just what’s on our plates. What we eat, where it came from and who we share it with is just as important. Food is key to farmers’ livelihoods, can be the foundation for a healthier lifestyle, and is a way for families to bond, laugh, talk and spend time together. Because of this, we are committed to democratizing healthier foods, inspiring shared dinnertimes and creating a thriving planet. That is why, in 2016, we shared our global Mars Food Health & Wellbeing Ambition to deliver One Billion More Healthy Meals Shared on Dinner Tables Around the World by 2021.

One area of focus that will allow us to advance this ambition is that of food innovation, and an example of our work in this field is the SEEDS of CHANGE™ Accelerator. The Accelerator fast-tracks growth for early-stage food businesses that are building a healthier and more sustainable future by shaping the meals of tomorrow, and helping to transform the way we eat. We invited applications from companies in the U.S. and Australia, with the offer of a monetary grant and four months of industry expertise if selected.   

"The world is changing at a rapid pace with consumer needs evolving and new approaches and technologies transforming business," said Gary Arora, Mars SEEDS of CHANGE™ Accelerator Lead. "The SEEDS of CHANGE™ Accelerator acts as a catalyst to help forward-thinking innovators bring their purpose-driven food-focused visions to life. And, in turn, we will gain valuable insight to further enable the world we want tomorrow."

Our panel looked for companies that are making advances in areas that we consider important in achieving the change we want to see in the food industry.

  • Sharing World Flavors
    • Bringing flavors, ingredients, and experiences from around the world to everyday consumers.
  • Plant Based Eating
    • Delivering plant-based products with protein that address growing concerns over health, resources, and animal welfare.
  • Creating with Care
    • Feeding consumers’ appetite for artisanal products made with care and craftsmanship.
  • Easy-Meal Solutions
    • Embracing new formats and delivery methods that make buying, preparing, and enjoying food more seamlessly and convenient.
  • Responsible Food
    • Tackling the issues we face head-on by ensuring a transparent supply chain and developing sustainable products, sustainable food, and sustainable packaging.

“We’re committed to nurturing the next generation of food innovators who are dedicated to creating and delivering healthier and tastier food solutions for more people,” said Fiona Dawson, global president of Mars Food, Multisales and Global Customers and sponsor of the program. “The accelerator is one of the many ways Mars Food is working to bring our Purpose – Better Food Today. A Better World Tomorrow. – to life.”
Earlier this year, we announced the inaugural classes for the program. In the U.S.: Brooklyn Delhi, Fora, NoBull Burger, Oxtale, Prommus, and True Made Foods. And in Australia: Grounded, Fable, Edible Bug Shop, Spiralz Fermented Food, The Australian Superfood Co. and Your Prep. We look forward to following their progress, and supporting them in our shared mission to shape the future of food, as well as having the opportunity to learn from them and collaborate.

We continue to invest in innovative food products, processes and communities, to build a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone. 

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