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Maltesers® Campaign Brings Better Moments During Quarantine

We love that people love our brands, and have for generations. While we can’t share our usual moments together in person, our Mars Wrigley team in the United Kingdom sheds light on how humor—and our new way of connecting via video calls—also can bring the world #BetterMoments, from a distance.

Maltesers®, one of our chocolate brands, released its latest installment of the long-running “Look on the Light Side” campaign. The series now explores how women get together online, by supporting each other and laughing through the ups and downs of our current life in quarantine. The new series of ads, shot entirely through video conferencing, takes a humorous look at the struggles of balancing working from home while caring for young children, as well as video dating and living alone.

As the coronavirus pandemic presents new and unique challenges around the world, this innovative digital campaign reinforces the #stayhome message and shines a spotlight on some of the day-to-day challenges women face in isolation. The ads reflect the reality of life at home and show how women use humor to create connections and make each other feel better in these extraordinary circumstances.

Of course, no one should have to face their challenges alone and we recognize that for some people isolation is no laughing matter. On social media, the campaign is supported by Mind, a U.K.-based nonprofit mental health organization that offers advice and support for those struggling with isolation.
“We wanted to show that even if we’re lucky enough to have our health and our family, we might need a little, socially-distanced help from our friends to get through lockdown,” said Kerry Cavanaugh, Marketing Director for Mars Wrigley UK. “Maltesers®’ long-running ‘Look on the Light Side’ campaign has always celebrated universally awkward and embarrassing situations by laughing through the tough stuff.” 

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