An employee with the Humane Society of Tulsa holds a shelter pet preparing for transport.
Mars Petcare

Supporting Communities to Help End Pet Homelessness

At Mars Petcare, we’re working to create A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS—and we’re doing so through the Mars Petcare’s 85,000 Acts of Care campaign. In the face of a global pandemic, our work is more important than ever.

We’re working to address critical needs, while delivering on our ambition to end pet homelessness, ensuring all pets are wanted, cared for and welcomed. 

We’re proud of our commitment to provide continual support to help pets, and their parents, through an incredibly challenging time. Explore how our associates are actioning on this commitment.

Furry friends take flight to forever homes 

Many rescues and shelters across the United States have been flooded with animals surrendered by owners facing incredible hardships caused by the pandemic.  

To lighten the burden on at-capacity shelters, our Banfield Foundation, PEDIGREE Foundation and VCA charities joined forces. The groups funded the transport and preventative care of 800 cats and dogs through the Pet Transport Hub program at the Humane Society of Tulsa, Oklahoma in hopes of giving animals a better chance at adoption. Animals will be transported to California, Oregon, Tennessee and other states through the end of the year.  

Additionally, 500 at-risk shelter cats and dogs recently made their way from Hawaii to the mainland in hopes of finding their forever home. It’s all thanks to Paws Across the Pacific, the largest pet rescue flight in history—and with support from our ROYAL CANIN® brand, Banfield Foundation, VCA Charities and PEDIGREE Foundation. 

Mars Associates in Lithuania get creative and build an animal for sheltered pets.


Associates get creative, building a warm place to rest for sheltered pets

Animal shelters can be a scary place for some animals—that’s why we’re working to make their stay feel a little more comfortable.  

Our Associates in Lithuania have enlisted help from family and friends to build handcrafted dog houses and cat beds to help our furry friends feel a little more at home. 

Last year, the team built 13 dog houses and nearly 40 cat beds, donating them to local shelters in need. While the shelter is only a temporary home, their work certainly makes the wait even more worthwhile. 

A helping paw: partnering to provide relief, food and care to pets

Italy has been hard hit during the pandemic—forcing shelter volunteers to quarantine at home. No longer able to carry out their life-saving work, many feared for the animals they care for so deeply.

We partnered with Humane Society International to provide relief, food and care to homeless pets as well as shelter and home animals in cities across Italy. In just four months’ time, we were able to help nearly 2,000 shelter cats and dogs, countless feral cat colonies and more than 50 pet parents suffering from health or economic consequences of the pandemic. 

In addition to providing necessary care, we were able to bolster staff training around proper care for the shelter animals, allowing for adoptions to resume without negatively impacting an animal’s socialization and progress during lockdown. 

A pet owner walking their dog and receiving a bag of pet food.


Human’s best friend: providing pets in need with a well-deserved meal

Our Associates in Germany are working to ensure homeless pets don’t go hungry. 

Every year, the charity Cook & Help serves Holiday dinner to those experiencing homelessness, some of whom have dogs. When the pandemic hit, Cook & Help changed course and set out to cook three warm meals a week, in addition to dispensing donated fruits, sweets and various other foods. But the organization knew these pet owners have a special bond with their four-legged friends, who deserved a good meal, too. 

Our Associates Sylvia Funk and Joanna Mueller worked to pack food parcels for those in need and enlisted added support from Mars. Over the course of 15 weeks, we helped serve nearly 300 people and their pets. 

Thank you to all our Associates and partners for helping us care for pets (and their parents!) in need. Together, we are truly creating a BETTER WORLD FOR PETS…one meal, bed and belly rub at a time!

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