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Pet Health Pal Supports Pet Wellness During Trying Times

At Mars Petcare, we’re committed to promoting responsible pet ownership as part of our mission to create A Better World for PetsTM. We understand owning a pet can be a huge responsibility and knowing what is best for our four-legged friends isn’t always easy. We all have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and being a pet owner has never been more challenging. 

“That’s why we worked with the team at the Waltham Petcare Science Institute to develop our online veterinary care chatbot tool Pet Health Pal.

Powered by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Pet Health Pal is designed to put worried pet owners’ minds to rest with friendly and reassuring advice backed by credible, scientific evidence. People can ask Pet Health Pal a range of pet wellness questions, from COVID-19-related concerns to general inquiries about pet nutrition, health, exercise and wellbeing. They can also sign up to receive the latest scientific updates about the coronavirus and pets.

We know owners care as much about their pets’ health as they do other family members. According to Nielsen’s 2016 Humanization of Pet Food Report, 95% of Americans consider their pets family and treat them as such. During this global pandemic, health concerns are heightened and people want to keep themselves, their families and their pets safe and healthy. While it’s been proven pets can have a positive impact on their owners’ health and well-being, as a natural consequence of the special human-animal bond, ill pets can cause their owners to worry just as any other sick family member would.
For anxious pet owners, finding veterinary care advice online they can trust is difficult. Information about how COVID-19 affects animals is rapidly changing and often can be outdated or contradictory. Yet with many people taking measures to stay home, often their only source of guidance is available online. 

We believe it is vital to combat the spread of misinformation and want to empower pet owners with accurate, expert advice. We designed Pet Health Pal to do just that and ensure the wellbeing of pets and people alike. 

Owners can trust Pet Health Pal because it provides the latest information, in accordance with government guidelines and informed by credible pet wellbeing experts. Users receive useful advice, clear guidance and additional online resources 24/7. 

The most common questions we’ve helped answer to date are around:

  • Behavior and training
  • Diet and weight
  • Wellness (e.g. grooming, nutrition, etc.) 

We truly believe people and pets are better together. Pet Health Pal marks a significant step in our ongoing mission to develop products and services that support and strengthen the unique bonds between people and pets. 

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