Responding to COVID-19 in India

Responding to COVID-19 in India

Responding to COVID-19 in India

In the world we want tomorrow, everyone is thriving. That’s why today, we’re working to help meet the most critical needs of our communities during the current phase of the pandemic in India.

The COVID-19 virus and a more contagious variant has spread rapidly throughout India. With nearly 30 million confirmed cases and over 300,000 deaths as of May 28, we’re deeply saddened by the devastating loss of life across the country. We’re also very concerned for the 6,000 Associates, contractors and farmers we work with in India.

With a health system that’s overloaded, we want to do what we can to help and are providing $2.3 million in cash donations to support access to healthcare, equipment, medications and services for families and children in need. Working with Oxfam, CARE and Business Fights Poverty/Crown Agents  and a local organization called Sankalp Beautiful World, the funds will help support local health care and hospitals and secure much needed supplies such as oxygen and medications in major urban areas that are home to Mars Associates and contractors as well as in communities where we source our raw materials. As part of the total, the Mars Wrigley Foundation has dedicated $300,000 to Save the Children, who in addition to healthcare support and patient transport, will provide broader support for families and children.

What else are we doing to support Mars Associates and contractors in India?

As a company, we’ve also committed to providing Mars Associates, contractors and their households with vaccine access and the local business is working with key stakeholders to advance this effort despite shortages in vaccinations that are making access unpredictable.

The One Mars India team has also been busy donating oxygenators to COVID Care Centers in Khed within Maharashtra, collaborating with JW Marriott New Delhi to deliver packed meals to COVID patients, and supporting and showing gratitude for frontline workers by sending Mars confectionery products. The Tasty Bite Foundation also donated approximatly $82,000 USD to create two COVID Centers with 160 beds and have equipped two hospitals with lifesaving equipment and medicines so that people from nearby villages do not have to travel to Pune for treatment.