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Coral in the ocean.

Why Mars Attends the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

Our unique partnership with the Lindau Meetings

Mars has been in business since 1911 — and we want to be thriving another hundred years from now. We believe scientific research and big-impact innovation will help us achieve this, as well as tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges. 

As a global business, this is a very high priority for Mars and we want to take a scientific approach to the problems that we face. One way we do this is through uncommon collaboration. We want to work with the best and brightest in the world across disciplines to solve the problems we encounter as a business and in society. At Mars, we have bold ambitions — and know we can’t do it on our own.  

Each year, the meetings bring together Nobel Laureates and more than 500 top scientists from around the world. This year, we’re focusing on how physics can be applied to marine science and coral reef conservation. Mars has partnered with Lindau Meetings for over a decade – and is committed to fostering meaningful scientific dialogue that helps shape the world we want tomorrow. 

Coral reefs at Lindau 2019 

We believe our business can’t thrive unless the planet and people we rely on also thrive. The projected rate of global warming is advancing faster than the rate at which coral reefs can recover from damage, as by 2050, 70-90% are projected to disappear.

That’s why this year at Lindau we focused on how science can be applied to coral reef conservation. We met with leading researchers in marine biology and physical oceanography, as well as Nobel Laureates, to discuss how we can work together to protect the world’s reefs. Read more about what Mars are doing to preserve our vital ocean ecosystems with our partners around the world, and watch the video to find out how our experts got on at the Meetings.


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