Fostering collaboration between scientists at the Lindau meetings.

Why We Help Connect Nobel Laureates with Next Gen Scientists

Every year, on the island of Lindau in Germany, dozens of Nobel Prize winners gather to meet the next generation of scientists—hundreds of undergraduates, PhD. students and post-doctoral researchers from all over the world. The meeting fosters exchange between scientists of different generations, cultures and disciplines. For five inspiring days they share knowledge, ask questions, debate answers and make a profound impact on one another’s perspectives. 

We’ve partnered with this prestigious forum since 2006 as part of our drive to facilitate meaningful scientific dialogue to shape the world we want tomorrow. Over the years, we’ve discussed some of society’s biggest challenges—from toxins in food to the degradation of coral reefs.

We have bold ambitions—and we know we can’t do it on our own. The Lindau meetings are just one example of our many uncommon, collaborations that help us develop breakthroughs for Mars, our people and the planet.

The 2021 conversation: Food security and genomics

At this year’s meeting, we’re examining how genomics can help achieve global food security — the right for all people, at all times, to have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food. 

For years, climate change, water scarcity and population growth have had significantly negative impacts on crop, livestock and fish production, and has increased the prevalence of crop pests and diseases. But mapping each organism’s unique genetic blueprint could open the door to better identification, tracking and tracing of foodborne pathogens, as well as improving the quality and resilience of crops.

We’re committed to taking meaningful action to create a better world. But no single person or organization has all the answers.  That’s why we’re proud to continue our unique collaboration with the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, helping to bring together the sharpest minds of today, and tomorrow.

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