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Plogging Movement Picks Up Thanks to Mars™ China
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Plogging Movement Picks Up Thanks to Mars China

If you haven’t already heard about “plogging” yet, then chances are you will in the coming months. The concept, which encourages people to be environmentally conscious by picking up litter while running originated in Europe— “plogging” combines jogging with the Swedish phrase “plocka upp,” meaning to pick up. Thanks to the efforts of Mars Associates and a growing number of volunteers, the movement is now gaining momentum in China.

Our Mars Wrigley team in Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou, China, hosted their inaugural plogging event last year in partnership with the Littered Gum Government Co-Op and the Guangzhou Spiritual Civilization Office. This fall, we kicked off the 2019 plogging season with hundreds of residents and Associates in Guangzhou.

Plogging ambassadors have been on board to lend a supportive hand at the events—including Olympians and TV personalities. Through our Mars Volunteer Program, we give all Associates paid time off for volunteer work, and what better way to give back to the local community than to promote anti-littering education while also getting a workout in the middle of a workday. Mars Volunteers have even started their own plogging events in multiple sites like West Region and JXG, becoming ambassadors for our message of responsible littering behavior.

Plogging provides a win-win for people and the planet. For us at Mars, it’s an opportunity to step up and improve our impact on the planet – creating a better world tomorrow.

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