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Reducing, redesigning

and closing the loop on packaging

At Mars, we want to contribute to a circular economy where packaging material never becomes waste, but is recycled, reused or composted. To address the issue, we are: 

  • Redesigning more than 12,000 packaging components across our diverse portfolio, making it easier for consumers to reuse or recycle our packaging. Today, almost half of our packaging portfolio is undergoing redesign or elimination.  
  • Investing hundreds of millions of dollars to reimagine and redesign our packaging, with hundreds of Mars Associates working to address packaging waste in our portfolio – and this team is growing. 
  • Embedding our packaging targets into how we measure success. Our top 300 executives now have remuneration linked to delivering against our packaging targets. 


Packaging Pilot Programs 

We have coordinated a series of pilot programs around the world and across our brand portfolio to test new packaging options to achieve our goals. 

Kitchen counter background

A more planet-friendly rice pouch

An industry-first mono polypropylene (PP) microwaveable pouch for Ben’s Original® Ready to Heat Wholegrain rice is part of a pilot program launched in the U.K. Designed for circularity, these pouches will demonstrate how this highly recyclable material behaves in our supply chain and pave the way for widespread rollout. 

Woman holding cat

Less litter with pet food

Our Royal Canin® dry dog food bags in some European countries are now produced from a flexible, mono-material plastic, making the bags easier to recycle. We’re also using food-grade recycled plastic as a component in some of our SHEBA cat food pouches in Europe, while our PerfectFit cat food continues to be available in reusable stainless steel containers in Paris.