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Angela Mangiapane: How Diversity Can Increase a Company’s Bottom Line

Companies that recognize diversity is equally as good for their bottom line as it is for workers, customers and society at large, are the ones better positioned for long-term success.

That was the bottom line from Angela Mangiapane, President of Mars Global Services, when she sat down with Authority Magazine as part of their series on how diversity can bolster corporate financial health.

“Mars is, and always has been, focused on fostering an inclusive workplace guided by our Five Principles of Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom. These Principles form the foundation of how we do business today and every day—they’re our guiding philosophy that has always differentiated us,” says Angela. “There’s also something to be said about working for a family-owned company and bringing your full self to work each day. Just like a family, at Mars, we find value in each individual person, and we are building for the long term, something which will last for generations to come.”

From empowering women in our workplace and communities, to the importance of bringing diverse perspectives Angela unpack the work being done by teams across Mars – and five ways businesses can act now for current and future impact:



  1. Gather perspective — even from unexpected places. Teams are strengthened when we bring in diversity of thought and experience.
  2. Work with partners who share your values. At Mars, we know what we do is only as good as how we do it. Our goal is always to work with suppliers and partners who share our principles-based approach to business.
  3. Adapt your teams’ needs for the best results. A big part of creating the world we want tomorrow means supporting our female Associates through the duration of their careers. We know that to foster an innovative and welcoming workplace, we need to surround ourselves with diverse perspectives.
  4. Fail fast, and unlearn to relearn. I’m always challenging my team to think about new ways of working, and sometimes that means we need to “unlearn” the old ways first. It’s the idea of “progress over perfection,” because by failing fast, we can quickly pivot to try new things.
  5. Be rooted in Purpose. I’ve said it several times, but data shows that purpose-driven companies are more successful, and this means having inclusion and diversity at the forefront.

​Throughout this engaging interview, Angela also shares practical wisdom on everything from the key question to ask before making a hire, to the value of internships, to ways to help employees thrive, to her favorite life lesson.

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